Mango Basil - Cucumber Melon Mint - Berry Rosemary Infused Water 

Henry Happened writes:

A few months ago I shared a post on How to Make Infused Water plus a bunch of ideas and flavor combinations. Today I’m sharing three more summery infused water flavors. Making infused water makes getting your daily allotment of water much more tasty and fun without added sugar. You’ll be amazed at how quickly water can be infused with fruits, veggies and herbs — and how refreshing it is.

You don’t need a ton of fruit or whatever flavoring agent you’re using. But if you do add more, it will produce a stronger flavor and you’ll be able to refill it a few times without it being too bland. As a quick refresher, use fruit that’s ripe, but still firm. You don’t want to use overly ripe fruit or the water won’t last very long and there’s a chance of contamination from mold. It’s also important to keep the water refrigerated or add ice if it’s out on the counter. Insulated bottles also work.

Recipes here.